Upcycled Saree Kantha Kitchen Towel

Upcycled Saree Kantha Kitchen Towel

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upcycled kantha kitchen towel by Asha Project

A pop of color in the kitchen makes mundane chores a little more tolerable—and these gorgeous kitchen towels are a treasure.  Worn fabric means super softness, better absorbency, and fast dry time, so you’ve got triple the reason to smile.  You’ve saved these beautiful vintage sarees and their fun bright prints from the landfill and are boho-fying your life!  Each stitch tells the story of a woman who is helping to break the cycle of poverty by using her skills to help her family and community.  Every Kantha kitchen towel goes through the hands of 3 women and creates 5 hours of work!

25.5” x 19.5”

Wash gently, tumble dry, love well!


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