2023 :: a brand spankin' new start

What do you do to prepare for the New Year?  For some, it's resolutions regarding health, fitness, mindfulness.  For others, the focus rests on organization, decluttering, and time management.  Perhaps you want to incorporate some more eco-friendly items into your home arsenal (shameless plug).  For me--not that you asked, but you're here!-- the first thing I do every January is get my calendar organized for the year!  As a pencil and paper girl myself (if you don't prefer a Ticonderoga pencil over EVERY OTHER writing instrument then what are you even doing?!), it was difficult to part ways with "the annual planner purchase".  I'd used so many of them over the years, and put so much careful effort into which one was super cute so I'd like picking it up and actually use it, which one was laid out the way I like it with Sunday starting the week and Saturday ending it.  It HAD to jive with my vibe.  Nowadays, I use a calendar in the Notability app on my iPad, which gives me the satisfaction of writing, an eco-friendly alternative, the layout I want, the option to doodle and erase cleanly and without consequence, the portability (my iPad goes everywhere with me), and the clear conscience that I at least KNOW what I need to be doing...even if it doesn't get done when I wanted it to.  Relatable?

My calendar is filling up FAST!  Meetings, volunteer work, events, markets, appointments, parties, school stuff, sports, coaching, TRAVEL!!!  It's endless and amazing.  Andddd also a bit intimidating.  It will be a year full of milestones, from sending my rising 6th grader to middle school (I'm barfing) to a bucket list trip to our Motherland of Sicily with my Nanna, Mamma, and BFF/Sister, to rebranding what I've worked so hard to build.  It's going to be a GREAT year!  ("It NEEDS to be a great year," she whispers to herself with a hesitant conviction.)

In order to actually organize my time, I had to know what I was intending to do with it.  Coming off of an intense, draining, and soul-crushing last few months of 2022, I was not only in survival mode--a sort of Stevie Nicks-esque "pick up the pieces and go on" state of mind--but a transitory period in which I had to completely re-convince myself of my talents, value, worthiness, and dreams.  That Imposter Syndrome shit is real, gang.  When life as you know it is upended by an onslaught of not one, or three, or five majorly traumatic and impactful life events but SIX of them, over the span of just four months, you start to wane.  Adulting, of course, is not without challenge.  Just, like, spread them out for me a bit more next time, okay?  Thanks, Universe.  

So...what's next?!  Well, the foundations of Farmhouse on Main Street remain the same.  My business was built on my passions for earth-friendly home goods, supporting other small businesses, unique vintage treasures and and hand crafted items.  And so it shall remain!  Of course, there's only so much inventory I can store in an organized and tasteful fashion within the walls of our little guest house (which is a revolving door for our family and friends on the reg), so this means honing in on our best-sellers, and parting ways with some extraordinary but sort of "bonus" product lines.  If your favorites didn't make the cut, I'm super sorry.  The way the world works today, you'll be able to find them elsewhere online in a snap--I'm sure of it!  

It's a joy to announce the 2nd season of The Main Street Market, my sweet little makers & growers market that's held in the Clay E. Gailey park in downtown Clermont!  With a new marketing program laid out, many returning vendors and lots of new ones, live music, and more activities for kids, I think the growth of the market is a direct reflection of our community--people are genuinely excited to have the option to shop local just steps from their homes in our teeny, rural town of 1,138 wonderful people.  Of course, A Very Clermont Christmas is already booked for December!  And who knows what other opportunities I may grab hold of, from pop-ups to festivals and beyond.  See the "main street events" tab on the home page for the full calendar, including Town of Clermont and Clermont Historical Society events!  This will, of course, be updated as new fun is scheduled!

One bonus of not having the overhead of my dearly departed Shoppie is that I get to have more S-A-L-E-S!  This is great for you, and great for me.  I'm thrilled that our porch pick up system has been successful and efficient for both my customers and yours truly.  Knowing I'll be able to see everyone face-to-face again at markets this season is giving me life.  I can't wait to be under the tent, surrounded by so many inspiring and talented local entrepreneurs and amazing community members.

So...whatever your motivation is in our new year of 2023, I hope sincerely that you're embracing change and challenge, summoning courage and strength when you need it, encouraging those around you to do the same, leaving time for family, friends, self-love, acts of service, and trying new things.  I hope that you're grateful to be here in this weird world.  I hope that you're healthy, and letting go of things that no longer serve you.  I hope that you know you are loved, appreciated, and valuable.  I hope to see you smile, and I hope to return that smile to you with genuine love and compassion.  I hope you have a great 2023!




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